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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Leeds.

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ID 370402

Andrew Wray

Confident graduate, great web experience, constantly studying more and creating software for fun.

ID 160911

Rob Haswell

CTO at HybridLogic. Distributed systems engineer, problem solver. Systems and web programmer, security officer. Previously programmer @Bronco.

ID 719003

Ian Hudson

Product manager Java Developer

ID 381424

Tim Green

CS hopeful, currently designing a web app, stated at 15.

ID 174291

Patrick Molgaard

Founder @gleepost • Studied at @university-of-leeds

ID 866359

Daniel Boroujerdi

3 years Java development experience at William Hill. 

ID 236097

Kyle Hudson

CEO of MatchboxHQ, Technical Lead of LaravelCloud. Worked at Nexmo, Microsoft.

ID 280575


I am Dave

ID 69256

Matt Bindoff

CTO and co-founder of @myactivbook. Technical Director of WUWI. Runs web development studio and works for brands VW, Lego, Mazda, Swiss Re.

ID 597332

Gavin Stevenson

ID 655573

Alex Liebowitz

Freelance web developer, webmaster/web dev for the MaximumFun.org podcast network (best known for Judge John Hodgman and NPR's Bullseye with Jesse Thorn).

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