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ID 153381

Joe Simons

Creative with a commercial outlook - form through function. Strong background in brand creation, user experience and digital design. Founder @jeanography • Worked at @the-vast-agency, @l-k-creative-lowd-klea

ID 69256

Matt Bindoff

CTO and co-founder of @myactivbook. Technical Director of WUWI. Runs web development studio and works for brands VW, Lego, Mazda, Swiss Re.

ID 117431

Paul Mackenzie

31 year old designer, passionate about creating memorable experiences and beautiful interfaces.

ID 196695

Rosie Manning

Interested to discuss creative opportunities

ID 719003

Ian Hudson

Product manager Java Developer

ID 51899

Dan Sensecall

Co-owner & Designer at @tappcandy, a small agency focussed on brilliant mobile apps. Co-founder of @farmly & @fokus-1.

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