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ID 655662

John Guzdek

Product Manager at Gold Crest Holidays with strong copywriting experience.

ID 157633

Liam O'Dowd

Co-Founder @holideals; Life Long Entrepreneur; Looking to change the way people take a holiday forever.

ID 753371

Clare DeTamble

Freelance Digital Copywriter. Wordpress, Photoshop CS6, InDesign, Excel, Some CSS/HTML. Organic & Technical SEO.

ID 125883

Samuel Odekunle

Co-founder and Director of Operations at Steexhouse.

ID 146850


Studied at @newcastle-college

ID 201798

Joe Mewis

CMO of @recensus. Previously worked at Blueberry Marketing, Accenture and as a freelance journalist. Four-time published author.

ID 439249

William Stevens-Smith

University of Leeds Philosophy student. Worked in sales positions and interned at Major UK commercial property company.

ID 236097

Kyle Hudson

CEO of MatchboxHQ, Technical Lead of LaravelCloud. Worked at Nexmo, Microsoft.

ID 425231

Thomas Wilkinson

33% Alan Sugar, 33% Don Draper, 33% Kanye West - 100% Wilko. Founder: Clouder Founded: Generation i, BeatzMag

ID 879000

Mandeep Singh

Senior entrepreneurial executive with more than 10 years of experience with proven sales & business development background.

ID 295051

Vladyslava Podzigun

Tech for good enthusiast, passionate social lobbyist, advocate for socap market economy, fair tax, circular power and positive media. CEO @bookivi @tba-14

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